Passwords Made Easy

- Do you have many online accounts that you don't know which password is for which?

- Do you work in a Bank or Insurance company, where you have to change your password periodically?

- Do you have KeyPad where you have to insert long digits to get access? is your solution!!

Watch how it works ..

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All you need is Gmail!

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You Get Your Converter!

This is where the magic begins. Passwords shrink to 123 , abc , jun, jul ... the possibilities are endless.

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* For example, if you work for companies that require regular change of passwords, Then you will have the option of making your January password just "jan" and February password "feb". .. The possibility is endless.

* Our algorithm creates different password generator for every person. So even if many people use the same short password like jan and feb the converted result is different for every person.

How Does It Work?

Lets assume you want to access your bank account.
1, You type in the short password that you easily remember.
2, Password is generated in any form from the existing choices:

i, Lower case letters

ii, Upper case letters

iii, combination of both Upper and Lower case letters

iv, Numbers

v, Combination of numbers, Lower and Upper case letters

vi, Combination of Numbers, Special Characters, Upper case & Lower case letters.

3, Copy the converted result.

Do It Yourself


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Is it Secure ?

- We use the latest possible encryption key to transport your conversions to/from our server .

- You and only you know which short password is for what.

- We don't save or monitor any conversion you may make.

What are the Benefits ?

- You don't have to store your password on any device. Incase you lose your device, you are NOT at risk of losing your information.

- The whole family can use one system .

- There are no limit to how many passwords you create.

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